Euskalgeo. La infraestructura de datos espaciales de Euskal Herria


  • Mikel Ayestaran Olano Gislan Koop. Elk.

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SIG, transfronteriza, Gislan, Euskalgeo, Euskal Herria, IDE, Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales


The internet portal is a cross-border
SDI. Its main objective is to provide geospatial data relating to
Basque Country. This project has been performed by Gaindegia,
the Observatory for social and economic development of the
Basque Country.
The SDI serve geospatial data about Basque Country using different
standardized formats. The project promotes two key aspects:
it makes information available for transborder researches on the
one hand, and it promotes knowledge about the Basque Country
on the other.
This service is aimed at researchers, teachers and journalists.
Currently, there are 48 layers available divided in seven different
categories, most of them focusing on administrative and functional
Concerning the technological aspect, the internet portal Euskalgeo
has been developed with the map server GeoServer, the
metadata server GeoNetwork and the database management
system PotsgreSQL+PostGIS. The visualization has been carried
out using the library Leaflet.js.
Finally, the implementation of the internet platform has been
accompanied by a formation and communication strategy aiming
to support the spatial analyses in the research developed in the
territory covered by the SDI as well as interact with users.


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