The GNSS rtk viewer: a tool for monitoring network RTK in the Iberian Peninsula


  • Juan Morillo Barragán
  • Javier Guerrero Ramírez

Palabras clave:

caster NTRIP, NRTK, redes GNSS, CORS


The GNSS viewer ( is a tool to monitor GNSS
reference stations in a dynamic web map, either in real time or in
Monthly historical charts.
The software tool works as a current user role, so, we need in advance
to be registered as user to get the adequate access credentials in
order to access the Network RTK.
Both in the web version and Android application, every 5 minutes,
354 public GNSS reference stations are analysed from the 18
networks in the Iberian Peninsula, which once decoded provides
information to a dynamic map with 5 possible states of operation,
as well as the number of satellites observed in the different constellations
and other information related to their property.
On the other hand, in the outage charts you can check the status of
the reference stations of each network in the last month, and finally,
you can configure an alert service that will send you an email with
the outage and recovery of the alert elected after 15 minutes of
persisting in the failure or recovery situation.


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Morillo Barragán, J., & Guerrero Ramírez, J. (2018). The GNSS rtk viewer: a tool for monitoring network RTK in the Iberian Peninsula. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 27(191), 30–36. Recuperado a partir de



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