Towards an SDI for geohistorical sources?


  • Laura García Juan
  • Alejandro Vallina Rodríguez
  • Ángel Ignacio Aguilar Cuesta Universidad Internacional de Valencia

Palabras clave:

geoportales, IDE, plataformas colaborativas, SIGECAH


Along the following lines, we seek to echo the advances in the
work and the integration of geohistorical sources as a key tool
for study and analysis, both within the national and international
levels. The geohistorical sources form a heterogeneous set
of different documentary typologies, whose use, both in the
own studies and in the base for others, is living a moment of
great boom. There are many researchers who come to them as
a starting point for the most varied jobs. In the latest trends,
following this wake, from a technical publication, WMS services
have been developed, different geoportals, the creation of a
specific group of cartographic heritage, and until the appearance
of a Historical IDE. Within this panorama, the initiative SIGECAH
(System of Management of Historical Cadastres) arises. Behind
SIGECAH is in a heterogeneous and specific group of sources. The
SIGECAH initiative is presented as a starting point, looking for a
community of volunteers on the construction of an information
system, a specific geoportal to know the possibilities offered by
these sources and enhance their usefulness for research.


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García Juan, L., Vallina Rodríguez, A., & Aguilar Cuesta, Ángel I. (2018). Towards an SDI for geohistorical sources?. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 27(191), 38–47. Recuperado a partir de



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