Geolake Search (the future of the SDIS is in improving its catalog )


  • Sergio Martín IAAA, Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Francisco J. López-Pellicer IAAA, Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Juan Valiño García IAAA, Universidad de Zaragoza
  • F. Javier Zarazaga-Soria IAAA, Universidad de Zaragoza

Palabras clave:

IDE, Big Data, Elasticsearch


Why are spatial catalogs as they are? Why do we complain so
much about their behavior? Do they really serve their purpose
or should we already consider them technical debt? This article
questions the current spatial catalogs proposing a different
approach centered on searching metainformation constructed
from the spatial objects contained in the data sets. To give support
to this idea, this article explains how it can be implemented
on one of the most advanced search engines of the moment,
Elasticsearch, capable of finding relevant information among
several billions of spatial objects.


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Martín, S., López-Pellicer, F. J., Valiño García, J., & Zarazaga-Soria, F. J. (2019). Geolake Search (the future of the SDIS is in improving its catalog ). REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 28(194), 24–30. Recuperado a partir de



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