Stability analysis of an slope located in the east coast of the bay of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


  • Sandra Y. Rosabal Domínguez
  • Ricardo Oliva Álvarez Universidad de Oriente
  • Darío Candebat Sánchez

Palabras clave:

talud, factor de seguridad, estabilidad, medio ambiente, vial


The relief of the east coast of the Bay of Santiago de Cuba has
been modified by anthropic action, which together with the
conditioning variables such as geology, slopes and hydrography
make this area of moderate susceptibility to landslides, assessing
this antecedent the main objective is to determine the
safety factor of a slope near the Bella Vista motel, east of the bay
of Santiago de Cuba, to define its stability, level of hazard for the
road and consequences to the environment. The plane break
was considered and the methods of infinite slope without and
with infiltration are used.
The elements that lead to instability were analyzed, such as
geometric, geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and seismic
hazards. Spreadsheets were used as a tool that allowed the
solutions to be obtained quickly.
As a result, the safety factor was obtained by the infinite slope
with and without infiltration methods, noting that for the thicknesses
from 0.5 to 3m it turned out to be a stable slope that
offers no hazard to the road; therefore there are no effects to
the environment.


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Rosabal Domínguez, S. Y., Oliva Álvarez, R., & Candebat Sánchez, D. (2019). Stability analysis of an slope located in the east coast of the bay of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 28(195), 10–16. Recuperado a partir de



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