Cartographic estimation of earthquakes intensities occurred in the south eastern region of Cuba


  • Raúl Palau Clares
  • Juan L. Porras Loria
  • Tomás J. Chuy Rodríguez
  • Antonio Salgado Castillo
  • Sandra Y. Rosabal Domínguez

Palabras clave:

isosistas, terremotos


The analysis of the parameters of an earthquake is of vital importance
for the determination of the seismic threat and the
estimation of its effects on the surface. With the purpose of mitigating
the risk in the event of an earthquake, seismic intensity
is used, so this work had as objective to apply and evaluate in the
south eastern region of Cuba, the one with the highest seismic
activity, the Intensity_Map software. This tool allows to generate
automatically, and in almost real time, an estimated map of intensities
considering a circular attenuation. A comparison of the
effectiveness between this software and the Macro (traditionally
used in Cuba) was made. The maps of the Intensity_Map present
a scale of colors in correspondence with the softwares used
internationally, thus enhancing the quality of the information
they provide. Similarity was obtained in the effectiveness of the
theoretical estimates made by both software, mainly for values
close to the epicenter, which evidenced the possibility of using
circular isosists and the application of Intensity_Map software in
the Cuban National Seismological Service for the epicentral relocation
and macroseismic re-evaluation of earthquakes recorded
instrumentally or not.


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Palau Clares, R., Porras Loria, J. L., Chuy Rodríguez, T. J., Salgado Castillo, A., & Rosabal Domínguez, S. Y. (2019). Cartographic estimation of earthquakes intensities occurred in the south eastern region of Cuba. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 28(195), 33–43. Recuperado a partir de



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