Cost-benefits estimation in a SDI node


  • Antonio Federico Rodríguez Pascual
  • Emilio López Romero
  • Paloma Abad Power

Palabras clave:

IDE, coste-beneficios, rentabilidad


One of the aspects of SDIs with a lower progress is cost-benefits
estimation. Very few studies of this type have been carried out,
probably because their difficulty, due to among others causes: a
good part of the benefits are intangible and difficult to quantify;
the user of standard and open services becomes anonymous,
contact is lost and it is difficult to know all the applications that
take place; and economy is a discipline from which technicians
who best knows an SDI are often far away.
In this article a first, approximate but objective approach is made
to estimate the annual benefits and costs of an SDI node.
We talk about estimation because only approximations are handled
and we can only talk about orders of magnitude. We have
tried to evaluate roughly all the benefits of an SDI node indirectly,
taking as reference the value per tile of the API of the most used
web map provider. On the other hand, the costs of all expenses
and investments that involve implementing and maintaining an
SDI node in Spain have been quantified.
Palabras clave: IDE, coste-beneficios, rentabilidad. Keywords: SDI, cost-benefits, profitability.
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