Aproximaciones al mapa industrial desde la experiencia internacional


  • Ignacio J. de las Peñas Pérez Casic S.A.

Palabras clave:

mapa, inventario, censo, georreferenciado, SIG


This article tries to express, from the point of view of producer of
geographic data and developer of geomatic applications, the different
phases involved in a project related to the generation and
dissemination of an industrial land map. After exposing a real case
executed by our company in the State of Bahia, Brazil, we reflect on
the current state of geoinformation that could serve as a basis for the
Project in our country and on the actors on which it depends. Finally,
we emphasize the opportunity that is presented at the present time
to address the National Industrial Land Map project.


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de las Peñas Pérez, I. J. (2022). Aproximaciones al mapa industrial desde la experiencia internacional. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 30(205), 38–50. Recuperado a partir de https://ojs.revistamapping.com/MAPPING/article/view/349



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