• Rubén Javier Medina Daza
  • Luis Joyanes Aguilar
  • Carlos Pinilla Ruiz

Palabras clave:

Imagen Satelital, Ikonos, Transformada de Wavelet, Web, MapServer, Apache, Drupal, APIs


This article presents the development, the implementation and the
creation of a new service on the Web that offers the possibility for
fusion of satellite images of different spatial resolutions and/or different
remote sensors. The fusion of satellite images is performed using the
fast haar wavelet transform (FHWT) that was implemented in Matlab.
The article is organized around of two themes important: the Web
service and the fusion of images. With regard to the development and
implementation on the Web, this is done in free software with tools
such as MapServer, Apache, Drupal. These tools were used to create a
simple interface where the user takes part and interacts actively. In the
same way that allows that user: displays the information on processes
obtained for the fusion of images; and makes a request for fusion of
image. In addition, the web implementation develops a module for
obtaining georeferenced data from two or more external sources to
create a new service. It involves a quick, and easy integration through
APIs that offer some tools on the internet as OpenStreetMaps, these
basically source data that produces results that were not the original
reason for the raw data of the source. An example is the use of data
(satellite images) to add location information (location). As for fusion of
satellite images, it presents the mathematical algorithm for the fast haar
wavelet transform (FHWT). As an alternative to the fusion implemented
in Matlab (result of a previous study). The (FHWT) implemented with
Matlab, and also using five different wavelets predefined in Matlab.
The best results were obtained with the fusion that uses the (FHWT)
method implemented in Matlab, so it is used (TRHW) in the Web service
to provide the fusion of images.


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Medina Daza, R. J., Joyanes Aguilar, L., & Pinilla Ruiz, C. (2013). Array . REVISTA INTERNACIONAL MAPPING, 22(157), 34–43. Recuperado a partir de



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