• Mª Teresa Fernández Pareja
  • Miguel C. Cortés Calvo Allied Force Command Madrid (OTAN)
  • Almudena García Pablos

Palabras clave:

calibration, Metrology, standardization, verification


Elaboration and diffusion of rules applied to the scientific, industrial
or economic activities with the purpose of ordering and improving
them, are made through the standardization. Nowadays tendency
towards the globalization in world-wide commerce and the international
manufactured product distribution indicates the importance
of the consistency in the measurements together with the simultaneous
appearance of accreditation systems and international
recognition of measurements.
In the scope of Geomatics projects, the methodology applied in the
data capture is directly related to the instruments that are going to
be used, being fundamental to know the possibilities that its use
offers, as well as the quality of the measurement that can provide.
The quality of measurement of geodesic instruments is determined
by means of its calibration, reason why the design of appropriate and
adapted procedures to these specific instruments is fundamental, in
order to know, through certificates of calibration issued by accredited
laboratories, the quality of the measurement that they provide and
its associated uncertainty with traceability to national measurement
standard. The certificates of verification indicate the repeatability
of a measurement, normally by means of their standard deviation,
without the exigency of metrological traceability.


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