• Antonio Mañero García
  • Felipe Piña García Universidad de Cantabria
  • Juan Miguel García Lario
  • José Manuel Pérez Casas

Palabras clave:

deslinde, replanteo, bajamar escorada


The municipal territory covers the land under managed by the Municipality
and it is limited by a set of jurisdictional boundaries defined
by a legal title, usually a memorandum of agreement between the
two commissions of both councils.
For the graphic representation of these boundaries, a series of compass
polygonals were performed following the municipal boundaries
from boundary mark to boundary mark. Their accuracy corresponds
to the available topographic techniques at that time (beginning
of XX century) and to the purpose wanted: to portray them on the
National Topographic Map at scale 1:50,000. This accuracy is not
compatible with big scales used in cadastral works, regional and
local cartography and urban plans cartography.
In order to geometrically improve the graphic description of the
municipal boundaries registered in the Cartographic Central Register,
the IGN has designed the Updating National Plan for Territorial
On this article, the need for the geometrical updating of those lines
and the methodology followed in Cantabria in order to legally update
the corresponding legal titles are explained.


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