Rural Cadastre in Ecuador: new stage, new hopes, new public policies


  • Antonio Bermeo Noboa Director Ejecutivo del programa SIGTIERRAS, Ecuador

Palabras clave:

SIGTIERRAS, Ecuador, Catastro rural, cartography, rural Cadastre, public policy


SIGTIERRAS, as much for the large number of properly systematized
information and easy to use and access through the SINAT
computer system, which allows access and manage orthophotography,
thematic mapping, and above all a rural cadastral system,
with municipal coverage and national data repository, as by the
synergy achieved by many Ecuadorian institutions, will allow
to formulate new policies regarding the management of rural
land, food security and land use planning. Also will allow develop
new criteria and analysis of the structure of land property, and
developing new efforts to encourage the formality in tenure and
transaction of properties, especially rural.


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